The Shoe Girl


These are kicky! yet classic. Don’t know about the name “Geoma” though- it makes me think of a Geo Metro. Shoe names should not make you think of ugly little underpowered cars once driven by former boyfriends, who will remain anonymous, but whose name rhymes with “Lobert.”


Now these are cute shoes!!! I want them. Can I afford them? I’m not sure I care.


Hmmm…I think I like these. Yellow is supposedly the hot color, but these are kind of mustard-y. Also, I feel a strange urge to go bowling…

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Cute shoes- if a little “wing-tippy.” If I were going for a Lauren Bacall, crisp white blouse and herringbone pleated skirt look, these would go very nicely. And who wouldn’t want to look like Lauren Bacall at her prime?

christian-louboutinChristian Louboutin purple patent leather “Simple 100” pumps.¬†Everything a Shoe Girl could want. Gorgeous.